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Can you believe it’s been over a year since we had to shut down for the coronavirus pandemic?

Thankfully, things are starting to open back up, slowly and safely. Here on the Main Line, at Salon di Moda, we’ve been re-opened since June 30, 2021. It was a tough decision to make, but with the increased precautions and adequate PPE, we as a salon family felt ready to reopen the salon and get back to our passion – helping the people of the Main Line feel and look their best.

Thanks to our diligent staff and caring clients, we’ve been able to stay open, uninterrupted, since June 30, 2021 with no cases of COVID-19 at our Main Line salon. To read more about the current procedures we have in place due to COVID-19, click HERE.

You got away with cleaning up your top knot into a bun for your Zoom meetings. You went so long (too long) between trims. You let your roots grow out. Now that it’s finally time for us to all start coming out of the seemingly endless pandemic hibernation, it’s time to start playing with our hair again.

Spring 2021 hair color trends are all about having fun and lightening things up. Keep reading for our favorite hair color looks for the current season.

After the endless winter of 2020, our hair needs some brightening. The trend of non-natural hair color is continuing, but we’re seeing it applied in more subtle, playful ways. Pastel pinks and light blues are being incorporated into highlighted hair with an ombre effect using balayage techniques. Our stylists love this look. We customize the intensity of the color and density of application for each client, resulting in a truly individualized result.

If you’re ready for a completely new look, try this season’s blonde bombshell. Think throwback to 90’s supermodel or Barbie. It’s the classic monochromatic blonde. Book an appointment a the salon to get this look. We’ve seen this on Emma Roberts and Billie Eilish and we’re sure to be seeing it pop up more. It’s a blonde-blonde, not white or gray leaning, like we’ve been seeing a lot of the past few years. When you come in for your service, we’ll be able to recommend the best products for you to maintain your new look.

If you prefer to keep your hair brunette, try warming it up with a honey or carmel color. This color looks amazing on people with more melanated skin. If you don’t want to fully commit to changing your overall hair color, but would love to try it, we have the solution for you! Our Goldwell color line includes demi-permanent and semi-permanent options. These types of hair colors deposit color onto the hair without permanently changing or damaging the hair. They actually have repairative qualities which can improve hair health and increase shine. This is the perfect option for when you want to try something completely different but don’t want to have to fully-commit to a whole new look. The color will slowly wash out of your hair, leaving natural-looking results.

For our younger clients, we’re seeing bloder, face-framing highlights. You’ve probably seen it on Instagram, also called the “money pieces.” Bella Hadid was recently spotted with a two-toned variation on this look. Picture honey blonde or almond-toned highlights just on the very front, top pieces of hair, creating a dramatic face-framing effect. You can then build on this look by switching up the color of the front pieces. Once the hair is lightened, the fun pastel and bright colors show up beautifully. You’ve seen this look recently on Charlie D’Amelio. This is a style that you can easily switch up and play with, perfect for teens and young adults.

This upcoming season is all about having fun with your look. Come see us at Salon di Moda for a personal consultation, along with your salon services. We can help you create a look for 2021 that you are excited to show off!

We are so thankful to be able to see clients in person and look forward to seeing you in the salon as well. Please give us a call, or send an email, with any questions.

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