Laura Frustaci

Owner & Lead Stylist

Owner operator Laura has deeply committed to her clients for over 20 years and has firmly established herself as an elite stylist. A master of her craft, always pushing the boundaries of hair, Laura has defined the art of dry cutting. “Hair is my art and the art of dry cutting is about finesse and creating sophisticated shapes.” Laura feels that dry cutting offers you a more sculptured and precise look, resulting in a longer lasting haircut that looks great every day. She is constantly working on her own innovative techniques always pushing the boundaries of hair. Laura has trained at the prestigious Vidal Sassoon Academy in Toronto, Canada and Miami, Florida as well as the Graham Webb Academy in Arlington, Virginia. Laura and her team believe in the spark of each individual as they strive to enhance each client’s inner confidence and outer beauty.

We Offer

Dry Cutting

The Dry-Cut allows for a weight-less, precise, sculpting of the hair shape. Hair is fluid, and this technique delivers the best and consistent results on every hair type and texture! Dry Cutting even allows me to fix the worst hair disasters. If you have colics, volume build up, lines or other problems, Dry-Cutting literally allows us to sculpt your problem areas away. Leaving a bouncy, beautiful cut.

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