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If you haven’t had a “dry cut” yet, we invite you to visit us at Salon di Moda, where we specialize in dry-cutting techniques.

Our salon owner, Laura Frustaci, is a master stylist and expert in dry-cutting. She has been keeping the women of the Main Line looking impeccable for over 20 years.

If you’re wondering what dry-cutting is, it’s exactly what it sounds like. We are cutting your hair while it is dry.

Here are some of the reason why we love dry-cutting at Salon di Moda:

  • It allows us to see the style as we cut.  When we cut dry, we are creating a completely individual, custom haircut especially for the client sitting in our chair.  As opposed to when we’re cutting wet hair, the hair is pulled and creates tension and it can reflect the finished style while we’re cutting.
  • We are able to maintain length.  If growing out your hair is important to you, getting a dry hair cut may be the way to go.  The stylist can see the health of your hair and take off the minimum amount from the length, to maintain a healthy look. Because hair is so stretchy when wet, it looks much longer, and this is especially true for people with very curly hair. Cutting the hair when it’s already dry allows the stylist to trim just the right amount off – and eliminates the shock factor that can come right after a cut, when it can bounce up way more than anyone expected. What you see is what you get when you cut dry hair, and that can cut down on any miscommunication between client and stylist.
  • A certain look is desired. If you are very particular about how your cut looks, you should ask for a dry cut.  This way your stylist is able to see exactly where your hair will lay while they are creating your look.  This can even turn into a collaborative effort to make sure you get exactly the haircut you want.  When you dry cut you really get to see the movement of the hair, where most of the weight is and how much really needs to be cut off, making it an ideal choice for fine or thin hair as well.
  • It is easier on the hair.  Wet hair is more fragile and elastic, especially if it’s been over processed or if you have fine hair.  During a wet cut, your hair can be prone to snapping while it’s being combed over and over. You’re likely to shed fewer strands during the whole process if you have a dry cut, which is important for people with thinning hair or who are concerned about breakage.

Depending on your hair type and your desired hairstyle, we may recommend getting a dry-cut style from one of our master stylists.

Dry-cutting is great for curly hair textures because it allows your stylist to see exactly where and how your curls lay.

Cutting hair when it is dry is also good for when you want to take some of the bulk out of thick hair. It allows us to see where the layers should lay to create a natural and beautiful look.

If you have thin hair, dry-cutting techniques can be used to create more texture in the ends.

Dry-cutting sets you up for loving your new look. As owner Laura Frustaci puts it, “I love cutting hair when it’s dry because it allows me to create a style where the hair lives, so my clients can recreate their salon look themselves at home.”

Our salon in Bryn Mawr specializes in dry-cutting, or cutting hair while it is dry. Often our stylists use both dry, and traditional wet, cutting techniques to achieve their clients’ desired looks.

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