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The past few years we’ve seen a massive trend of white blondes and silver blondes –

it seems like between 2019 & 2020 we saw every Kardashian sister and her bestie rocking a variation of this hyper blonde look. Countless celebs have tried it on and it looks great on everyone – Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, James Charles, Rita Ora, Cara Delvigne, Zac Efron – I could go on.

These icy blondes aren’t easy to achieve. Our colorists at Salon di Moda are experts in color theory and are able to confidently and consistently apply our Goldwell products to execute our clients’ requests. These looks are also not easy to maintain. Our stylists will suggest the best products for you to use to maintain your desired color. The white-blondes tend to yellow, so we suggest a purple tinted shampoo; we’ll discuss more on that during your hair color appointment.

The ultra blondes also show roots quickly which can make your style look grown out, and not what you were going for.

Lightening your hair can become damaging. The darker the hair is naturally, the more chemical processing it takes to lighten the hair to the desired shade. We strongly recommend only going to see a professional colorist at a reputable salon when you color your hair, but especially when you are lightening your hair.

As gorgeous as the results are, because there is so much upkeep with the look, we aren’t seeing the silver blonde style as much as we were pre-pandemic. We are now seeing the emergence of natural greys and whites. Because we weren’t able to get in to see our stylist for so long, we grew our hair out along with our roots. I won’t name names, but some of us discovered how beautiful our natural hair color really is.

Long associated with the negative side-effects of aging, grey hair is getting a reputation makeover.  Women are embracing their natural grey and natural white hair color instead of covering it with hair dye. They are finding it liberating – just ask Jane Fonda (link to Ellen Degeneres interview) or Allison Janney (link to interview).

The coronavirus pandemic was the perfect opportunity to let your hair grow out and let your natural color grow in a bit. But now that we’re starting to socialize again, it’s time to refine and update your grown out hair from last year.

At Salon di Moda we love seeing our clients grow out their hair to their natural color. We are here to help you make the transition from your dyed hair to your natural color. During your consultation, one of our colorists will discuss with you your hair goals. We’ll then discuss a long-term plan to achieve your hair goals, starting with the current appointment.

If you are growing out your natural grey hair, there are several options to help ease the pain of making the color transition. And it doesn’t have to include doing the big chop, like Jane Fonda and Alison Janney did. Of course, if you are bold enough to rock a short style to begin your grey grow-in journey, we are here at Salon di Moda to sculpt the perfect pixie cut for you.

If you want to keep your length, but don’t like the drastic two-tone look your grow-out is giving you, we recommend using balayage techniques to blend the two colors together, appearing more natural. We love doing a full “color correction.” This is when we do a fully customized coloring plan to make the whole head of hair look as close to the new natural roots as possible. The plan would likely involve a combination of highlights and toner, with the colors, intensity and density all being taken into account. We could even go back in with low lights and glaze to enhance the dynamics and shine of the overall look.

Growing out your hair to its natural color can feel like a long process, but we’re here at Salon di Moda in Bryn Mawr, PA to help make the transition feel less scary and more fun. Whether you want to do a drastic new cut to fully embrace a dye-free style, or if you want to do a more subtle transition using color, we are here to make you look and feel great.

If you’re already through your growing out process and are feeling like your hair needs a little something, you could try a glaze. Grey hair tends to appear dull and doesn’t naturally shine, so a glaze would give you shine and luster, adding a little something without changing your natural color.

Wherever you are on your hair color journey, we’d love to discuss it further with you. Schedule your appointment to see us in person in Bryn Mawr, PA.

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